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Bronze Bolt Kaleidoscope Goggles

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Forget LSD, strap on SuperFried's Kaleidoscope Goggles and see your vision change right before your eyes taking you into a multidimensional world. With our rainbow crystal lens there is never a dull moment. Our glasses have flat back crystal lens which mean it is lightweight making it very comfortable to wear and won't poke your eyes. If you do manage to poke your eyes with our goggles then we guess you must be ... Super-SuperFRIED. 

Our Bronze Bolt Kaleidoscope Goggle are great to go with your outfit or if you're just plain clumsy and loses things, then the goggle is right for you. Strap it on your head and never lose it! 

Brand: SuperFried
Frame Colour: Bronze
Frame Type: PC Goggles With Bolt
Lens Type: Crystal Lens
Feature: Intense Kaleidoscope Effect & Adjustable Elastic Band

Please refer to the Lens Guide for details on which lens is suitable for your occasion.