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Bamboo Diamond Kaleidoscope Glasses - SuperFried

Bamboo Diamond Kaleidoscope Glasses

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SuperFried Bamboo Diamond Kaleidoscope Glasses Give you a Fractal Fantasy with Light Bending Effect to perfection for you to receive the one of a kind psychedelic experience all throughout the night. 

Who needs LSD when you can just put on a pair of SuperFried's Kaleidoscope glasses and watch your vision go crazy instead? Not only will your world become multidimensional with our rainbow crystal lens, but there also is NEVER a dull moment. With a lightweight flat back crystal lens, they are incredibly comfortable to wear, don't get in the way, and trust us, your line of sight will thank you once the lasers hit! If somehow this doesn't happen … you're definitely SuperFRIED.

Brand: SuperFried
Frame Style: Bamboo
Frame Type: PC Frame
Lens Type: Crystal Rainbow Diamond
Feature: Intense Diamond Kaleidoscope Effect
Accessory: Hard Case

All our Kaleidoscope glasses comes with a free hard glasses case.

Please refer to the Lens Guide for more details on the different type of kaleidoscope lens.