Kaleidoscope Glasses

Kaleidoscope Glasses from SuperFried | Largest Collection of Rave Accessories in Australia


Kaleidoscope Glasses are light bending eyewear that refracts and bend light waves that pass through the lenses. These glasses are commonly popular at raves, EDM festivals, and clubs to enhance light shows.

Kaleidoscope Glasses from SUPERFRIED Products are designed to enhance your field of vision, FRIED-Terrific accessories for Raves & EDM festivals on different sides of the world. We are the largest brand collection selection available that suits your festival needs, but we also have a pair for every style that comes up your way.

These glasses create wild rainbows and enhance light shows of all kinds. These are popular among ravers and light-loving enthusiasts.

But they aren’t just used within the rave community! They are also trendy and serve as accessories or part of a fun costume.

They can be used for:

EDM Festivals
Light shows
LED Gloving and orbit light shows

How to Take Care of Your SuperFried Kaleidoscope Glasses 

One of the most important things to remember is you want to keep your kaleidoscope glasses away from any hard objects and out of purses or backpacks that have loose items in them. Since some of our Kaleidoscope glasses are hand-fumed to give their awesome effects, it is best to keep away from any objects that could compromise the fuming of the glasses. We also recommend using water and a microfiber cleaning cloth to ensure your Kaleidoscope Glasses maintain their pristine condition.

1.) Keep your Kaleidoscope glasses clear from sharp or rough objects
2.) Do not use any cleaning solutions or soaps on your lenses. (no Windex, no soap, no oils!)
3.) Use only plain water and cotton or microfiber cloths to clean your lenses.
4.) Store your glasses in a cloth pouch or case when not in use to avoid contact with dirt, debris, and sharp objects.

Proper Storage of Kaleidoscope Glasses
Our Carrying Case is perfect for storing your favorite kaleidoscope glasses in and is guaranteed to prolong the life of your glasses. It is best to keep your glasses in a warm, dry environment away from sharp or protruding objects. And remember to always pull your carrying case shut to ensure no loose objects get trapped inside with your glasses.